Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.

Mr. Yuvraj Singh Ahuja

- Managing Director

Yuvraj has been leading Frontier Polymers Ltd – a leading family-run roto moulding company based out of India - for the past two decades. An architect by training, Yuvraj has been a pioneer in developing and building functional and durable polymer-based products that offer efficient, high quality solutions to commercial, industrial, institutional and retail customers. These product solutions that are based in the roto-moulded technology space range from water tanks, litter bins, spill pallets, traffic safety products such as traffic cones, road safety barriers and many more products.

In 2013, Yuvraj through Frontier Polymers, launched a new brand in the lifestyle space – Sereno, which has been a pioneer in bringing durable, high quality and beautifully designed Garden products with functionality built into each of its product offers. These include an expansive range of planters in terms of sizes, designs, and colours, outdoor seating, and lamps. The company and its various products have won many global design awards. Sereno products are popular globally for their modern and utilitarian designs.

The impact of climate change is now not only visible but felt significantly by people around the world, especially in the form of floods, torrential rains, and made worse by cities & towns that are yet to build their infrastructure to cope with the volume of rain water in these unpredictable times. As someone who has been a pioneer in introducing and developing traffic safety products in India, Yuvraj understands the nuances of safety products that are practical and effective for the Indian market. Yuvraj and Frontier Polymers have curated an ambit of product solutions for flood protection through Frontier Flood Barriers India LLP after noticing a gaping unfulfilled need for protection from flood waters and other water disasters for all types of customers. Each product in Frontier Flood Barrier India’s portfolio is embedded in strong engineering and quality tests with global recognition. The aim of each of the products is to help all types of customers including homeowners, societies & communities, commercial businesses, industries, airports, ports, metro and railway stations and government establishments to protect their assets effectively keeping ease, quickness of deployment and durability in mind.

Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier. Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier. Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.