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FloodStop Flood Barriers

Why Choose Our Flood Control Barriers ?

How Does It Work ?

The flood barrier is assembled by connecting the 1-metre long modular units. When in use the majority of the modular units actually fill with the rising flood waters, and ensures the assembled flood barrier holds back flood waters. All units incorporate hard-wearing gaskets to ensure sealing.For acute cornering or wall connection in a Floodstop assembly a Multi-hub unit is simply used to connect to the walls. In the above set up a free board is required. .

These barriers are effective upto 80% of their height capacity

Classic Aquastop Barriers

Suitable Terrain

FloodStop barriers can be used in variety of Geogrpahical Locations given below -

  • Typical hard standings such as Roads, Pavements, Pathways etc.
  • Grass or Soil , depending on undulations.
  • Unfortunately it is not recommended to use the setup on gravel.

Key Benefits : FloodStop Barriers

  • More cost effective and versatile flood protection system than sandbags
  • Rapidly deployable foold defence system
  • Can be assembled by one person
  • Multi-Hub connection units aloows easy connection to walls and cornering
  • Can be stored away easily
  • Recyclable and Resuable
  • Not affected by strong winds when deployed
  • Multiple options available for different locations
  • Self-balancing with no bolting required

Classic Aquastop Barriers

FloodStop Barrier Variants

Flood Barrier 0.5 M

FloodStop Barrier Variant

Flood Barrier 0.9 M

FloodStop Barrier Variant

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