NOAQ BARRIERS - Free Standing & Easily Deployable
AQUASTOP BARRIERS - Customisable Flood Protection Systems
FLOODSTOP BARRIERS - Modular Heavy Duty Sections
NOAQ BARRIERS - Free Standing & Easily Deployable
AQUASTOP BARRIERS - Customisable Flood Protection Systems

Our Products

Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.

Classic Aquastop Barriers

Tailor made to fit the size of your entrance door, main gate or any location you prefer. With patented Easy Lock technology this barrier is very easy to install and remove when not required. Can be customised to your length and height.

Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.

H-Frame Aquastop Barriers

The planks are positioned one on top of another – up to the desired height. Designed to protect large openings like entrance ramps, gates to airport or metro terminals or large warehousing / factory entrances.

Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.

Integra Aquastop Barriers

These are full closure barrier doors to protect ways of access to lower building floors and basement openings, windows at ground level etc. These barriers can be mounted vertically or horizontally for a watertight hold against flood water.

Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.

Swing Aquastop Barriers

These flood gates or flood doors are permanently fixed to various types of doors, windows, garages, main gates etc with special hinges, and allow for a 90 deg or 180 deg swing opening.

Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.

NOAQ Boxwall Barriers

Boxwall barriers are temporary, free standing, and self-anchoring flood barriers able to dam the water to their effective heights. These barriers are designed specifically for the urban environment with even surfaces like asphalt streets and concrete surfaces.

Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.

FloodStop Barriers

These rapidly deployable flood barriers are assembled through a series of interlocking units. When assembled, the majority of units fill with the rising flood waters. The rest of the units are pre- filled which act as a ballast to anchor the flood wall system.

About Frontier Flood Barriers India LLP

Frontier Flood Barriers India is the country’s leading provider for flood protection products and solutions. Our portfolio of flood protection barriers has been curated through partnerships with some of the leading and proven flood protection companies across the world.

Flood protection barriers are rapidly gaining traction given the magnitude of climatic changes around the world. The challenge of protecting public and private assets including airports, metro stations, buildings, and even homes from flood waters has become imperative for governments, business owners and home owners.

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Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier

Client Testimonials

We had a big issue with water flooding in our premises where water would enter the building from all sides including the front receptions. Then we got in touch with Frontier and all I can say is they are one stop solution for us, the flood barrier from Frontier worked very well during the recent flood and protected the car lift doors otherwise every year the basements got flooded . We face so much of problems due to flooding and this year we were able to successfully stop water from all sides with the help of their products. I highly recommend their products and thank them for their support.

Suraj M Behrani
(Business Owner - Mumbai)

We purchased a flood gate from Frontier earlier this year. We live in a part of South Delhi which is low lying and prone to flooding. The gate is a marvel of technology. It is easy to install, which takes only a few minutes; and when not in use it can hang conveniently on the wall hooks which the company provides. This year there were several occasions during the rains when there was over one foot of water on the road, and the water was not able to get in! The flood gate prevented it. When the water level receded, it took less than five minutes to remove the gate, and store it for future use. The gate has a very interesting technology, whereby it locks firmly into place, and the gaskets prevent any water from getting in. I consider this flood gate to be one of the wisest investments in a safe home, and I am grateful to Yuvraj ji from bringing this much needed product into the market.

(Home Owner - New Delhi)

Our Clients

Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier. Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier. Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier.