Aquastop Products

Classic Aquastop Barriers

Classic Acquastop Barriers

Tailor made to fit the size of your entrance door, main gate or any location you prefer. With patented Easy Lock technology this barrier is very easy to install and remove when not required. Can be customised to your length and height.

Classic Aquastop Barriers

H-Frame Acquastop Barriers

The planks are positioned one on top of another – up to the desired height. Designed to protect large openings like entrance ramps, gates to airport or metro terminals or large warehousing / factory entrances.

H-Frame Flood barrier

Integra Acquastop Barriers

These are full closure barrier doors to protect ways of access to lower building floors and basement openings, windows at ground level etc. These barriers can be mounted vertically or horizontally for a watertight hold against flood water.

Integra Aquastop Barriers

Swing Acquastop Barriers

These flood gates or flood doors are permanently fixed to various types of doors, windows, garages, main gates etc with special hinges, and allow for a 90 deg or 180 deg swing opening.

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