Flood Barriers  - Frontier flood barrier. Malls & Retail outlets, Shops, Hospitality spaces such as Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Commercial Complexes, Office Buildings

Commercial, Retail and hospitality spaces such as malls, outdoor shopping areas & shops, hotels, resorts & restaurants, Office Buildings & Complexes have significant challenges during rainy season, and especially during heavy rains, to ensure business as usual for their customers, employees, and suppliers.

We have the right product solutions to partner with clients in the Commercial, Hospitality & Retail segment to safeguard their assets in their buildings, stores or properties, have dry entrances and thereby, enable continuous and safe access for their customers, employees and vendors. Some of these product solutions include customizable aluminum barriers as well as the BoxWall that can help in water stoppage & diversion. Since these products are durable, easy and quick to deploy, businesses find them very convenient to invest in for the long run. We also have excellent product solutions to protect sensitive areas such as electricity panels and IT server rooms from being at risk to flooding